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Welcome Back!!!!

From Monday 8th March, we will be welcoming back ALL children. Please note that all staff will be attending school so there will no longer be any Zoom Sessions.

Please find attached a 'returning to School' Activity Pack. You and your child may find this useful and fun to complete as they transition from Home Learning to being back at Nursery.


We look forward to seeing you all next week. Have a very lovely weekend. 


Friday 15:00 session continued:

Get ready to go back to Nursery with these fun 'counting' and 'odd one out' quizzes.



Introductions; Miss G Claydon (Class Teacher).

                          Mrs E Hackney (Nursery Officer).

                          Miss E Pickersgill (Teaching Assistant).




Nursery Home Learning




Please scroll down to find home learning tasks and other useful resources that will help to support you child's learning.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Nursery Class staff 


How to teach your children about Covid-19 in a child friendly way:

A book about Coronavirus in multiple different languages


Daily learning



Click below on 'Nursery daily activities' for lots of fun ideas you can be doing at home.

Nursery daily activities


Weekly activities: Week beginning 1st March 2021








Please ensure you are reading with your child each day. Use the story questions below for support what to ask your child during and after your child reads.


Reading questions


Please ensure you practise writing and recognising the letters/sounds the children have learned so far. These include m, a, s, d, t, i, n. Scroll down below to the phonics section for support how to help support your child with their letter pronounciation and what they should say whilst they write each letter to support their writing.

Literacy Maths

This week we are focusing our learning around the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.


Youtube story 'Jack and the Beanstalk': 



Feelings activity: How does Jack feel at different points in the story? (scared, frightened, happy, anxious) Why does he feel like this? Have you ever felt like this? 

Explore different faces and feelings by playing the following game: 


Talk about the beginning, middle and the end. Look at the story together - what does the beginning, middle and the end mean? What happens at these parts of the story?


Ask your child what their favourite part of the story is. Why is that your favourite part?


W.C 01.03.21 Activity

Story Map. Draw pictures in the empty boxes to retell the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'

Extension: Can you think of something else that might be at the top of the beanstalk? Draw this and with support label your picture.



This week we will be focusing on counting and 1 more/1 less.


Watch and play the following educational clips and games.


Counting to 10 and 20.



1 more. 


1 less.




W.C 01.03.21 Activity:

1 more/1 less. 

Complete the worksheet:




Arts and crafts and other activities for this week:

Make your own Beanstalk using a cardboard roll, a paper plate and some cotton wool.


Work through the different challenges from the following sheet: 

Jack and the Beanstalk Home Learning Challenges


Play the Beans Game with someone from Home. Ask your adult or someone from home to do funny moves to match each bean name:

1. Runner Beans: Run around the room or on the spot

2. Broad Beans: Do a big, broad star shape

3. Baked Beans: Lie on the floor, like beans on toast

4. Kidney Beans: Make a curvy C-shape with your body

5. String Beans: Make yourself as long and thin as a piece of string

6. Jumping Beans: Jump up and down

7. Jelly Beans: Wobble like Jelly

8. Chilli Beans: Shiver as though you are very cold





Read Write Inc


Practice sheets 





















































Please click on the links and clips below to help with your childs reading and writing skills...





Arts and Crafts Activities

Useful Websites



Click on the links below to access resources to help support your child's learning.


Exciting home learning activities


Useful Websites


Days of the week song




Sing along to our days of the week song each day.

Can you remember the days of the week and what the names of the day are?

Colour song: Practise learning the names of the colours! 


Practise learning the colours! What is your favourite colour?


Shape songs 


Counting songs



Exercise and action songs




Click on the link below for nursery rhymes:

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